Electronic Checks

Minimize Risk With

Faster Access To Your Funds

Reduce costs, minimize risk and gain faster access to your money by converting paper checks into electronic transactions.

For many businesses, check acceptance is a necessary but expensive and cumbersome part of conducting business. With Electronic Check Service (ECS) from Iroquois Merchant Services, your business can continue to offer your customers the option of paying by check, while reducing the risk and costs associated with accepting those checks. eChecks also allow for faster processing.

Service Level Options

Choose the right mix of security and convenience for your check acceptance. Our Electronic Check Service has the service level that’s right for you. We can even create a custom combination of service level options to best match the risk management needs for your business.

The Benefits Add Up

eChecks make accepting customers’ paper checks more convenient and cost-effective for your business. Manual check reconciliation, trips to the bank and the hassles and uncertainty of check collections go away with ECS. Instead, they are replaced with the efficiency and security of turning your paper checks into safe electronic transactions processed with the same speed and ease as credit cards.

No More Returned Items

Electronic checks turn paper checks into safe, efficient electronic transactions. Plus, they are processed with the speed and ease of credit card transactions. The funds are typically available within 24-48 hours.


The Processing Flow of Our Electronic Check Service

ECS from Iroquois Merchant Services supports real-time processing of paper checks for point-of-purchase, back office conversion and accounts receivable.

  • Point-of-purchase: When the payer presents the check to the business, it is processed through the reader/imager. Once it is approved, the payer will sign the receipt and get the check back. The check is marked as “electronically processed” on the back.
  • Accounts receivable: Once the business receives the check via mail or other delivery method, the check is processed through the reader/imager. It will be validated and authorized according to the way the business has been set up. Once processed, the business destroys the check.
  • Back-office conversion: The check is presented to the business and then processed through the reader/imager. No signature is required from the payer. The payer receives a receipt or notice that the check will be processed electronically, and the check will not be returned.

All eCheck payments will be processed in accordance with applicable regulations and business requirements. Approved transactions and images are reconciled and financially credited to the business’s bank account.

Our Electronic Check Service will save you the time of filling out deposit slips and going to the bank. It will remove any worry about checks possibly getting lost or stolen. Plus, it will ensure that you are paid quickly. Ready to accept eChecks? Contact us to sign up.

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