High-Risk Merchant Processing for Nutraceuticals, Credit Repair and More

Credit Card Processing for Your High-Risk Business

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Looking for a reliable, transparent and safe credit card processing partner for your high-risk business?
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Iroquois Merchant Services is focused on providing high-quality credit card-based payment processing solutions and services to businesses of all industries and sizes. We’ll help you implement a tailored processing solution that creates efficiencies in payment acceptance, reconciliation and reporting.


And that extends to high-risk companies. We work with merchants in multiple high-risk industries, including nutraceuticals, debt collections, vape/e-cigarette, tech support, CBD, gaming/betting, travel agencies, credit repair and more.


We understand your struggle in finding a partner that can process payments in an industry that is perceived as high-risk. We have proven success accepting all common forms of payment, ensuring efficient and secure transactions for you and your customers.

Accept All Common Forms of Payment

We provide your high-risk company the ability to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more. Increase sales by moving from cash-only capabilities to all forms of credit cards.

Dedicated Customer Service

Every Iroquois client has a dedicated one point of contact. No waiting on hold and no long lines before speaking with someone. Whether your questions are technical, product-based or seeking general direction, our 24/7 service support is here to help you.

Quick Payment Time

We help you get paid when you should. No games or gimmicks. Don’t be held captive to off-shore funding delays and hidden fees. Our average turnaround time for getting you cash? 24-48 hours.

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Vape and E-cigarette Payment Processing
Providers of eCig and vape merchant accounts should deliver quick and consistent funding, dedicated customer service and top-tier technology. This can be difficult to find because many banks aren’t willing to offer merchant services to the vapor and electronic cigarette industry. Sellers are deemed high-risk due to the age restriction, federal regulations and the industry’s controversial political status. The good news is that Iroquois Merchant Services is able to meet your needs. We make sure you can conduct business as usual, with the knowledge that you have an experienced partner for credit card processing that you can trust. Learn why other e-cigarette businesses are turning to us for their payment solutions.

Nutraceutical Payment Processing
Even though nutraceuticals can provide medicinal benefits, including treating and preventing diseases, most banks view nutraceutical merchants as high-risk. Because the nutritional supplement industry is not regulated and the majority of sales come through ecommerce websites, many merchant service providers are wary of fraud and chargebacks. Iroquois Merchant Services is different. We ensure your business is set up for credit card processing, and we will work with you to ensure there is no disruption to your business. Our nutraceutical merchant accounts can accept multiple forms of payment, use state-of-the-art technology that is compatible with many platforms, and receive dedicated customer support.

CBD Payment Processing
A CBD merchant account can be hard to obtain because of the ties to marijuana, which is still illegal in many states. Even though legislation is becoming more favorable for hemp or cannabis products, merchants in the industry are deemed high-risk. Whether you sell tinctures, oils and ingestibles or creams, lotions and bath products, Iroquois Merchant Services is able to set you up for credit card processing. We ensure a quick funding timeframe, and our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 if any issues arise. Our cutting-edge technology lets you accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more, plus you can integrate with other platforms. Even if you have been turned down somewhere else, contact us today.

Debt Collection Payment Processing
Debt collection services – including debt consolidation, debt buyers, debt purchasers, refinancing and more – need a payment provider you can believe in. At Iroquois Merchant Services, we understand that you’re in the business of money. A debt collection merchant account with us ensures you can accept multiple forms of payment through your website, the mail, a mobile device, over the phone or through a technology integration. Even though the collections industry is seen as high-risk, our top-notch technology and competitive rates allow you to receive your funds quickly, smoothly and cost-efficiently. And we back everything up with our white-glove customer service. Let us help you reduce your credit card processing costs and improve your bottom line.

Credit Repair Payment Processing
Credit repair companies help people recover from financial problems and continue to pursue their dreams, yet the financial industry views them as high-risk. A credit repair merchant account from Iroquois Merchant Services ensures you – and your clients – are set up for success. From the initial application and throughout our relationship, our advisors will help you with every step. We will provide you with a tailored, feature-rich solution, allowing you to accept credit card payments online or over the phone. Plus, we support your needs with the excellent customer service and technology we are known for. Whether your company is brand new or established, and even if you have had trouble getting approved elsewhere, contact us today.

Travel & Hospitality Payment Processing
The travel & hospitality industry is booming, adding over $1.6 trillion to the country’s economy and creating 7.8 million jobs. Unfortunately, the growth in tourism also increases the potential for fraud and chargebacks, which is why travel & hospitality merchant accounts are considered high-risk. At Iroquois Merchant Services, we don’t think that should limit your options. We have the experience and systems in place to ensure your credit card processing is cost-efficient and easy. We keep the application process as simple and painless as possible, and we provide top-notch processes and technology. Our travel & hospitality clients appreciate our competitive rates and 24/7 customer support. Find out why tourism companies trust us with their merchant services.

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