Superior Customer Service: The Key to Partnering With the Right Credit Card Processor

Superior Customer Service: The Key to Partnering With the Right Credit Card Processor

December 20, 2019

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Building a thriving business requires executing on a great strategy and overcoming challenging problems. Choosing the right credit card processor that can provide affordable, stress-free payment solutions should be the least of your worries.

For many executives, credit card processing can be puzzling to understand, especially when it comes to evaluating which payment network and technology (hardware and software) best suits your business’s needs. Rather than getting glazed eyes as you review a laundry list of credit card processing options, we encourage merchants to focus on three simple things and not over think it:

  1. Does the credit card processor offer the latest technology with top-of-the-line security and the ability to accept in-store, online and mobile payments?
  2. Are the fees reasonable and transparent so you clearly know what you’re paying for?
  3. Does the company provide superior, personalized service and 24/7 support that resolves your problems quickly and accurately?

Regardless of the size of your business, accepting credit cards is essential because it is still one of the most convenient ways for customers to pay. Here are two examples of how our best-in-class customer service and top-line credit card solutions helped new clients:

Multi-office, Georgia dental practice: Filling a credit card processing need

Dental practices must have the ability to accept credit and debit payments. These options are convenient for patients and simplify collections. A dental practice in Georgia recently came to us with specific problems that needed to be resolved:

  • Outdated credit card processing equipment and terminals.
  • Inability to centralize reporting for more than 150 locations.
  • No single point of contact for customer service and support.

Within 10 days of working with the practice, we:

  • Replaced all outdated devices at each of its 150 locations with fully compliant EMV terminals that were ready to accept payments.
  • Provided key executives and stakeholders with access to a customized online dashboard, giving decision-makers an effective, simplified reporting tool to better manage the business.
  • Provided the leadership team and employees at all locations with the name of a dedicated support person to contact for all service needs.

Local jewelry and repair retailer: Fixing a broken payment platform

The jewelry industry is still primarily driven by local business, with the 10 largest companies having a total worldwide market share of only 12%, according to McKinsey. Retailers stay current on design trends and provide customized service to clients, but since inventory turnover is low compared to other consumer goods industries, merchants tend to take electronic payment processing for granted – until something goes wrong. Iroquois was contacted by a local fine jewelry merchant in Nashville with the following dilemma:

  • On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the retailer’s payment terminal was not working properly, and the payments service provider did not respond in a timely manner to customer calls. Without the ability to accept credit and debit card payments, the company would have missed out on a significant amount of business, especially with Black Friday just days away.

When Iroquois was contacted by the owner at 6 p.m. that Wednesday, we were able to:

  • Provide the store with a brand new terminal.
  • Test the equipment to make sure the company could accept payments first thing Black Friday morning.

Choosing a credit card processor shouldn’t distract you from running your business and serving customers. When you follow these three simple tips you’ll find the right merchant services partner who can provide you with the level of service and technology you need to help you grow your business.

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